Goal Setting

GoalsMost people ring in the new year with a set of resolutions, usually the same as the year before, that don’t see the light of February 1st.  As a teacher with three school-aged kids, goal-setting and new years are on the academic schedule, meaning August is our time to ring in some resolutions with the smell of crisp paper and unsharpened pencils.

As I hiked this summer through Glacier National Park and dipped my toes into some of the coldest water I’ve ever felt, I mulled over in the back of my mind what I want to accomplish this year.  Without the frantic schedule of our day-to-day,  one can take a moment to self-reflect and decide what my next move is in self-improvement.  A lot of thought centered on my fitness.  Eight years ago, this body was running marathons. Now, not so much.  I’m happy when I complete 5 miles.  I would like to see that 26 mile running girl again.  It’s not easy and requires a huge time commitment   Not sure I’m ready but time is flying and in about 16 months, I’ll be 40 years old.  I can’t imagine it’s going to get easier with each subsequent year.  So with that said (typed) I looked to the calendar.  On November 2nd, I plan to run the Silver Falls Half Marathon in Portland, Oregon and in June, I am going to run the Charlevoix Marathon in Michigan.  I love the small, scenic and flat marathons.  I like planning destination races as putting my money into it means I won’t back out.

Mary Shelley once said, “Today is always the beginning.”  I like that saying.  In other words, I’m going to go for a run right now and not start tomorrow but today.