Book Review: The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo

book of Awakening

Before I downgraded my channel options to save money, I happen to flip through and stopped on the OWN Network.  Oprah was interviewing the author Mark Nepo.  I really enjoyed his message which basically boiled down to being present in the moment.  This is something I’m working hard on to cultivate in my own life. I’m a worrier.  I often lament the past and worry about EVERY possible outcome for the future.  Living presently and working to do so has been my life’s pursuit.

After this interview, I ordered The Book of Awakening.  It’s formatted into a passage per day with probing questions to mull over as you meditate.  I don’t necessarily sit and meditate but I run and journal.  Two places that I’ll often find myself thinking over his questions.  I’ve taken away many meaningful thoughts from this book.  I have it on Kindle and can read it on my computer or Kindle which ensures I catch most days.  Without being too “New Agey” it conveys a positive message.  Definitely worth buying.