The Merits of Living with Less

As I get older, I’m 39 now, I am really seeing the merits of living with less stuff.  I have watched my kids play with toys on Christmas morning only to never see them reappear again.  Clothes that get donated to Goodwill yet they still have the tags hanging from them.

This week my husband and I are putting in new kitchen cabinets.  Mainly my husband does all the hard work and I add more finishing touches like paint, stain and organizational products.  We’re taking a bold step here and going with open shelving for upper cabinets.  Gasp!  I do know that before we took the cabinets down, I cleaned out all of the stuff inside them and was amazed at the duplicates.  I pride myself on being organized and a labeler but there they were.  5 cans of enchilada sauce.  There were many other transgressions besides the enchilada sauce.  Not sure why I was stockpiling Cream of Tartar.  I filled garbage bags with out of date items and purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time.  I apparently was going to make a lot of baked goods from mixes.  I’ve been frightened of the idea that all my kitchen wares and clutter will be out in the open.  No doors to hide the 9 bottles of red food coloring.  However, I am seeing that it will keep me honest.  Do I need more canned black beans?  Everything will be out in the open and easy to see.  It makes sure that all my food stores are functional and not just wishful thinking.  I’m thinking I’ll change all of my spices over to mini  jars.  

I want a simpler life where dinners are prepared with ease.  No searching for a top to a pan or struggling to assemble ingredients.  I’ll have to update you later on the successes and failures of an open kitchen.  For now, if you’re thinking of some good minimalist reading, I recommend The Joy of Less.  As you stuff all of those boxes of Christmas decorations back into the attic, you may seriously  consider a more minimal lifestyle.

Anyone have a good book recommendation on living with less?