Santa brought me the Garmin Forerunner 10

So I bought into the GPS watch thing when Nike came out with the Sport Watch. At first I was enamored by its amazing wizardry. After the shine wore off there were some gaping holes. First, the watch was big and bulky. Second, it did not seem very durable. It had a lot of bugs which required a lot of of uninstalling and re-installing the Nike Connect Software. After about 8 months, my computer could not even detect that the watch was plugged in. Nike graciously sent me a new one but almost to the day, 8 months later, the same thing happened. Again, they sent me a new one but I willed it down to my son. By now I had an iPhone and I used the Nike + app on there. One fatal flaw is that you can really only run about two and a half hours before your iPhone goes dead. Not good if you want to marathon train. So I did some research and asked Santa for the Garmin Forerunner.  I guess I’ve been a good girl because he complied.  I have to say I’ve completed three runs with it and so far so good.  I’m still trying to get used to the Garmin Connect website.  I do like the interface and though not as flashy as Nike’s it is more useful.  The watch is smaller and doesn’t need a long time to start a run.  I frequently had to walk around ten or more minutes before the Nike watch would connect.  Additionally, if it was a cloudy day, forget it.  Your Nike watch would never connect. Overall I’m satisfied with its performance.  I like how after every mile the watch tells you your pace rather than an overall pace.  It’s been motivating and helping me speed up when I log a slow mile.

What GPS watch do you recommend?