The Doldrums


So the doldrums is a maritime term used to describe that place where there is no current. A place where your boat can just stand still.
I ‘m not a sailor but I use the term to describe that place between marathons, between life changing events, between major holidays, …….life. On a difficult run this morning I kept thinking of the word doldrums. I’m there. I have no race on the horizon, no big trip until June, no life-changing event that I can foresee. It got me thinking that it is in the doldrums that you learn to row. You eek out the runs that make lining up at the start line possible. You make the healthy dinners that ensure a good report on your physical. You suffer through Algebra 2 homework now so he might have a change to get into a good college. You switch to weight management food now, despite his unhappiness, so he’s at the door to greet you for just a few extra years. You have an extra dinner out with your dad because the day will come when it’s not an option. You kiss your husband one more time to remind him that in the doldrums of house repairs and teenage eye rolling there is still love.

I reminded myself that this moment was the future that I longed for at some point.

I battled an injury that once made me long for pain-free running. Wish granted. Stop whining and get running. You have nothing to stop you now.

My run was mired down in the doldrums but I changed my mantra this morning. “Today makes tomorrow’s goals possible.”

Life is in the doldrums.

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