International Happiness Day

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Today is International Happiness Day.  My husband hates days that seem to be randomly picked to sell greeting cards but I like the idea of days to reflect on things.  I’m a big reflector.  I’ve been on a camping trip with my husband and daughters and I asked them what makes us happy.

We got answers like…

cupcakes, our dog, cup of coffee first thing in the morning, attention, sleeping in, love, a day well-planned…

What I noticed is that it wasn’t the big things.  It wasn’t trips to Disney World, a million dollars or even seeing the world.  I think on International Happiness Day I’m going to remember it is the small stuff that matters, it is the triumph over struggle that really makes me realize how happy I am.  I hate embarking on a long run but there’s no feeling like it in the world when you are done.  Everything  tastes better after a long run.

So for my International Happiness Day I’m going to go run and struggle through it to remind myself that life and happiness is in overcoming the resistance.


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