How you feel doesn’t really matter.

just run


When I turned 30 I ran my first marathon.  I ran three more, then about 10 or so half marathons.  After that my motivation just sort of faded.  I analyzed it, bought apps, fancy GPS watches, read books, blogs, scanned Pinterest for inspiration and bought more running clothes.  None of it really made me want to get back out there and train.  I finally had this epiphany; It doesn’t really matter how I feel about it.  Does anyone really love to exercise?  I’m sure there’s a few but for the general masses let’s just say no.  It’s a chore, a burden, a cross….but it’s also salvation, therapy and freedom from the ever looming threat of poor health and obesity.  I hate starting to run and love it when I’m done.  It makes me feel so proud of myself.

I’m an analyzer, a thinker and a worrier.  My brain can wear out a subject.  After my epiphany I’ve been able to calm my brain down.  It can be your nemesis.  It comes up with excuses, worries about aches and pains, and will generally talk you out of doing what’s best.  So now I don’t let it rule the kingdom.  How I feel does not matter.  I tell myself that every time I put on my running shoes.  Stop feeling tired, grumpy or whatever cause it doesn’t matter.  You still need to do this.  Get out there and just run.

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