Brooks Ghost Not for Me

Brooks Ghost


So I like cushion. So much so I’ve even been intrigued  by the Hoka One shoes but think it just might be too much.  This look can ‘t be good.  

I had been a long time Nike-wearing girl then switched to Asics for more cushioning. I really loved Asics but then found that the interior lining just didn’t seem to hold up. On a whim, I read some reviews about the Brooks Ghost and bought them. They were touted as “unfathomably plush” on the website.  Additionally I read many people thought they had good cushioning but I do not.  Although not quite ready for Hoka Ones I’m probably returning to the Asics Gel Kayano.  The Brooks Ghost soul even ran down fast and now I swear I feel every pebble in the road.

Much like my running, I think my shoe buying is in a state of flux.  I don’t want to just keep buying the same shoes and I want to find Xanadu in running but it’s not going to happen with the Brooks shoes.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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