Boston Marathon

boston-300x300I watched parts of the Boston Marathon today via live streaming from my desk.  I thought Shalane might do it but I love her courage for going out so fast.  I could not sustain their pace for even one mile but it inspires me to watch and dream of one day qualifying for Boston.  I need to quality with a 3:45.  Yikes.  So I only need to shave off 45 minutes of my BEST marathon time.  Today makes me really want to be there and suffer up those hills.  I’m a Floridian so any hill is pure suffering to me.  I have to seek out a parking garage to do my hill work.  I’m turning the Big 4.0. this year and I really want to get my 40-year-old body to run another marathon.  It takes a big time commitment but I know I can do it with right motivation (mojo).  The secret is finding that motivation every day.  Finding it when I’m tired, over worked, too hot, too cold, too excuse-laden etc.  It’s there in those excuses I don’t listen to that I’ll find the 26.2 again.  Who knows, maybe in 2016 my Boston Race Day Report will be based on first hand experience.

Gotta Run.


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