Marathon Training Academy Podcast



I sometimes like to run while listening to podcasts and one of my long time favorites has been Marathon Training Academy.  The husband and wife hosts, Trevor and Angie, are entertaining and informative.  I also like how Angie is the ideal (perfectionist) runner while Trevor is more the struggling guy.  It’s good to strive to be Angie and totally understand Trevor’s struggles.  They are extremely likable and the podcasts are well-organized.  I say this because I’ve often listened to podcasts where I swear the people just pulled up a mic and rambled on for an hour.  Although I like some anecdotal dialogue, I still need some organization and structure.

They are motivating and realistic.  Angie has branched out now to personal coaching which might be useful if you’re looking for some one on one attention.  Although I haven’t used her for that, I do believe in putting your money where your goals are.

What are your favorite podcasts?

I also love Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life.

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