Bigger Breakfast, Smaller Dinner??

Muscly fella for blog From June to October of 2012 researchers at Tel Aviv University recruited 93 overweight and obese women to participate in a three-month, 1400 calorie per day diet.  Half of the women were assigned a breakfast group which meant that they consumed 50% of the allotted calories at breakfast, 36% at lunch and 14% at dinner.  The dinner group did the opposite, 14% of calories at breakfast, 36% at midday and 50% at dinner. Over 12 weeks the breakfast group lost an average of 19 pounds and the dinner group lost an average of 7.9 pounds. This probably isn’t ground breaking news to anyone.  It makes sense that when you eat earlier, your body has more time to burn those calories off.  I don’t generally wake up starving and it takes me a couple of hours to get hungry.  At work, I’m busy so, my lunch isn’t usually big or substantial.  Then dinner comes and the feedbag is strapped on. In the past month I’ve have decided to focus some energy into changing this. Breakfast still is coffee and something liquid.  Usually a smoothie.  I can’t really stomach solids too early in the morning.  As for lunch, I’ve started bulking it up with salads with cheese a handful of nuts and a fruit.  I have noticed that I don’t get that 3pm fatigue and that I’m not ravenous when I make dinner.  I can get through the cooking process without inhaling tidbits as I go.  I can be more controlled and mindful around my dinner.  I’ll see if it produces any results.

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