Battling the Heat


It’s May in South Florida and summer is threatening to unleash its full vengeance. I longingly looked up temperatures in Fargo today. They have a huge marathon every year in May. Added that one to Google Calendar. Just a possibility. I like to keep my options open. It’s been hard to have to wait to go run once I get home. My resolve weakens, my hunger intensifies and I start thinking of reasons not to go. However, I will press on.

I make sure that my brain and calendar know that running is non-negotiable. It takes some time for my body to remember how to suffer like this.

Thought I’d share my top 3 strategies for beating the heat:

1.  Plan out your evening carefully.  Running around 6 puts my entire night time schedule behind.  It means that when I get home from work, I put in some prep time on dinner so that maybe while I’m running the dinner can cook or at least make it easy to plop in when I get home.  I plan everything out a week in advance.

2.  When I come home, I change into running clothes even though I won’t be running for a couple of hours.  Half the battle is getting into the sports bra.  Once it’s on…your’re committed.

3.  Drink lots of water but stop about 1 hour before running or you’ll slosh like a barrel of water.  I keep one of those Tervis Tumblers on my desk at work.  I continually refill it with a gallon from my refrigerator. It’s amazing how cold it keeps your water.  I try to do three at work and 1 more at home.  It’s amazing how much being hydrated improves my hot running.  I don’t have those intense longings for water or spend most of my run dreaming about the ice water I’ll have when I get back.

Don’t let the heat be an excuse.  Lots of people run in the winter on ice and snow.  It’s my turn to show how tough I can be.


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