Summer Time


It’s summer.  I live a very regimented life constantly with one eye on my watch and one on my calendar.  I’m the logistics manager of my household.  Nearly every sentence out of my mouth begins with “time to…..”  But now I don’t have to review to do lists like a drill sergeant.  We can stay up later, sleep in, no lunches to make and free time.  Unscheduled and unstructured free time.  A rare commodity in the month of August through May.  But it’s tempting to sit at home in front of Netflix binge watching House of Cards with Blue Bell ice cream.  No.  Though it is scorching outside here in South Florida I will break out the Asics Nimbus and go for a run every morning. I will organize those dark recesses of my house that are neglected during the school year; the laundry room shelves, the bottom of the linen closet, the shoe space under my clothes.  I will unearth these spaces as an archaeologist with a new tomb to exhume.  Vacation is around the corner with another frantic pace to endure but for now there might be a few extra House of Cards.


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