Every summer my family seeks out a new adventure.  A new place to explore and expand our horizons.  We expanded our horizon far this year and headed to Alaska.  As I write this, I’m sitting on the back deck of our rented house in Cooper Landing with  Cooper Mountain in sight and a float plane flying by.  It’s been extremely cold, down into the 30’s until today when the temperature reached into the mid 70’s.  We celebrated the 4th of July in Seward with fried Halibut, reindeer sausage, icees and pie from the  Methodist church.  Not our healthiest day of the year but fun.

What I love best about vacations is the word Yes.  It’s finally a break from being the no monster.  No you can’t have more dessert.  No, you can’t stay up late.  No, you can’t eat that.  For these three weeks, it’s yes to staying up late, yes you can try reindeer sausage, yes you can play 20 rounds of Uno while I read this whole book. Yes, yes, yes.  I love it.  I believe the only no I’ve uttered (maybe yelled) is when I received a request to go pet the moose grazing on the side of the road.

We have on more week in Alaska before it’s back to structure, healthy eating, schedules and completion of summer projects.  For the time, I’ll channel some Eckhart Tolle and live here in the NOW.