A New Year

I celebrate New Year’s on January 1st and even do some goal setting but I feel that real resolutions come in August. If you have kids or are in the teaching profession your year probably works best on an academic calendar. My academic calendar is starting to ramp up. I’m on the plane home headed back from San Clemente, CA. A lot of my quiet plane time has been spent making to do lists, menu planning and thinking about what needs to be purchased in the way of back to school clothes. Amid all of that, I’m thinking about my goals for this year. In November, I’m turning 40. It’s a big year numeric-wise. It seems like it goes by so fast. I’m pretty satisfied with where my choices have taken me but as usual I want a little more. I hope I never stop wanting to be a better person.
My big goal for this year is to be more mindful of me. Yes, me. As most type A personalities are I’m big on schedules, to do with a dash of worry and anxiety thrown in for good measure. This year I want to worry less. My kids are old enough now to make most of their own choices, good or bad and live with the glory and the consequences. I’m going to be more mindful of their space and place in this world and guide more rather than micromanage. Not so much a decision for them, but for me.
Being more mindful of myself I want to get my body trained and ramped up to run a marathon again. I’m thinking next summer maybe in Michigan. At least someplace much cooler than South Florida. I want to remind my 40-year old body that it is still capable of amazing feats and that I’m capable of accomplishing something hard that I can put my mind to. No better time to start than now….bye.  I’m off for a run.