Changing yourself is not easy.  If it were, the pharmaceutical companies of America would be out of business.  I like how every commercial says, “When diet and exercise fail….” .  I think we all know that diet and exercise don’t fail but they are hard to change.  What I’ve observed in my own kids and others is that the future is always going to be better.  And not just even better but amazing.  You’re going to be this amazing person that gets up at 4am and runs, comes home to a seaweed smoothie and then makes a 3-course breakfast for your kids.  Yeah right!  We’ve all done this.  It’s not that I don’t believe people can change but just not so radically.

Change has to be done intentionally and slowly for it to be permanent.  The Biggest Loser comes immediately to mind.  There is no way those people can have lasting change when its been so quick and so outside of what the normal day-to-day is going to be.  You will eventually have to be back to your hectic job, kids and the Dunkin Donuts next to your house.

It’s not to say that I believe that you should just give up either.  I think the key here is baby steps and working with your natural tendencies.  For example, if you’ve never been a morning person, then don’t start setting your alarm for two hours earlier each morning to start working on your best selling novel.  Instead start with 15 minutes and move the alarm clock/phone to the other side of the room.  Do that for 30 days then try tacking on another 15 minutes.

Don’t go from a 3000 calorie per day diet to 1500.  Start with cutting out soda.  Next up start adding in breakfast.  Next up decide you’ll only have desserts thee days per week rather than seven.  Work in phases not in peaks and valleys.  It should be a gradual hike.

I like to think of any lasting change as running a marathon.  Sit down, map out the plan by using gradual phases.  First just start by walking for 30 minutes everyday then implement some jogging.  Don’t sit on your couch and download the Hal Higdon Advanced Marathon Training schedule to your Google Calendar and think that in three months you’ll be ready for 26.2 miles.  Start slow but do something everyday towards reaching that change you want to see in yourself.

I know everyone wants quick change but think of how many years you’ve struggled with a change.  Now, go do something small right now that could help you achieve that change.


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