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This was my idea.  If only I’d been a publishing magnate this would have been my pet project.  I’ve always wanted to read a magazine focusing on self-help and happiness.  This one fits the bill.  It’s still just getting off the ground right now as it is only starting its second year in publication but it has been inspiring.

This week, the magazine is hosting happiness webinars online.  Today was Dr.  Drew Ramsey.  He says that “Brain health begins at the end of your fork.”  He’s authored two books, 50 Shades of Kale and The Happiness Diet.  He does admit that his ideas aren’t new and revolutionary.  We both believe that 100% of people know when they are eating something good and something bad.  You know eating the entire bowl of Halloween candy is bad.  Your ignorance was not the reason for the binge.  It’s opportunity, habit, mixed in there with some poor planning. A lot of habit. I love candy corn which is exactly why I don’t but a bag and leave it in a jar around the house.

The webinars will continue the rest of the week.  If time allots at work, I’ll tune into the others as they are at 10:30am EST.  You can sign up below.

Live Happy Webinar Schedule

At my desk today I jotted down a few things that really make me happy or at least give me the greatest chance at having a happy day.

1.  Feeling organized and prepared for my day.  No getting up late and rushed.  No screeching into the parking lot on two wheels and then running to my office to be on time.  In other words, having a good time management plan laid out for the day and executed with fidelity and time to spare.

2.  Eating healthfully.  This means that lunch is packed.  I’ve made time for breakfast.  I have a good plan for dinner with all the groceries purchased and ready.

3.  Checklists.  My daily game plan always consists of a daily checklist.  It is so satisfying to look at the list and start crossing off items as they are finished.  You just can’t get that feeling from an electronic calendar .

What makes you happy?