Stop Letting Perfect Be the Enemy of Done

Looking at this pretty organization you might think that you wish your closet could look like this.  Well, I think there is a good reason that it doesn’t.  It’s too perfect and seriously impractical.  Cleaning and putting things away is hard enough as it is.  Now this closet requires you to take a box out and remove the lid to put something away.  No way.  I know what will happen is that you’ll start making a pile in front of the boxes you’ll plan to file in there later when you get the time.  Eventually the pile is so high you can’t see the boxes anymore.

For me this is where you get caught in that perfection trap.  When worrying about how something looks more than it’s function leads to faulty systems.  I know lots of people that keep digital calendars but never use them.  Maybe a paper calendar open to the page is the way to go to keep it out and relevant.  For my job, you must put a calendar outside on your door letting everyone know your schedule.  Lots of beautiful and fancy printouts but I guarantee they take an hour out of work to create.  I just simple handwrite my appointments on a pre-made template I made in Word.  It’s a 5 minute job.  It is a case of not letting perfect be the enemy of done.

My goals in my job are to spend my days being highly productive but leave at my designated end time and not take work home with me.  I have co-workers that seem to live at work but always are behind or the last to complete assigned tasks.  I’m afraid that their extremely long days aren’t productive.  Always think of the end game.  What do I want?  An organized closet?  That means it will have to be easy to maintain.  If you have a particular area in your house that always seems to be a mess, might be time to ask why?  No, you’re not just a lazy slob.  It might just be too high maintenance.

Start every morning off making a list of what you would like to accomplish in the day.  Check them off as you complete them.  If you find yourself doing a lot of things not on that list, you need to think about how you are spending your time.  You focus and energy should be earning you checkmarks on that to do list.  If it is not, are you just wasting time?  Take some time to analyze your systems and time.  Could you make a system easier and could you be more productive?

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