Breaking up is hard to do.

I finally did it! It has taken me a long time but I finally broke up with my satellite TV.  I didn’t just argue with it, I kicked it to the curb, sealed up the receivers and sent them back to HQ.  I don’t know why I agonized over this decision so much.  I have rarely watched it in the last year.  Mainly I would turn on CNN for thirty minutes while I got ready in the morning, but other than that, my limited TV watching mostly belongs to Netflix or Amazon Prime.  I kept saying $60 per month wasn’t so much but magically when you do that x 12 math, it is a lot.  $720 smackers.  You can do a lot with that.  Letting go of my landline was also difficult but I haven’t missed it one second.  My life belongs to Audible now.  I can absorb so much inspirational and informative content while I fold laundry or vacuum.  I won’t miss Robin Meade on CNN telling me what’s trending on Twitter, or what the weather is in a state more than a thousand miles away from me.  I am really starting to see TV for what it is….a time sucker.  There is some good content out there but that’s not usually what you land on while skimming channels.  TV still will have a place in my life but I’ll be more intentional about watching it.

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