Google Calendar App has Arrived

goo cal

For someone who makes calendars you may be surprised to learn that I do keep an electronic calendar.  Through my day job, Google Calendar has been a must.  However, it was lacking in an app for my iPhone.  I generally printed a copy of my calendar to keep in my planner and used the app GoTasks to track my daily tasks.  That was until I found the app Calendars 5 by Readdle.  I loved how this app allowed me to see tasks along with my schedule.

This past week, Google finally put out a Google Calendar stand-alone app.  Although it is good, with some cute features, I was really disappointed to see that you could not view tasks with it.  How can a to do list not go along with your schedule?


I like that it will put in graphics based on what your key words are.  For example, if we have a dental appointment, it will add a toothbrush to the calendar.  If you’ve put in an address for an appointment, it adds a small map.


The superficiality of it is good but not the practical.  For now, if you want a good ios calendar, you’ll need to pay for the Calendars 5 or buy a good paper one from my Etsy shop.


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