Philips Wake Up Light

Philips Wake-Up Light

Philips Wake-Up Light

Recently celebrated my wedding anniversary so I sent my husband the Amazon link of something I really wanted.    I am not really a morning person nor  much of a night person either.  I don’t relish the early mornings but as a productive and employed person, it’s a must.  I’d heard about these gentle wake alarms and was intrigued.  This alarm clock starts to brighten 30 minutes prior to the time you’ve set your alarm clock for.  It gradually brightens until the entire room is illuminated.  The first couple of days, only the beeping of the actual alarm sound woke me.  Gradually, I’ve noticed that as the light brightens, I start to wake up and usually look up at the clock.  When the alarm goes off, it is not such a jarring moment.  I’m still incredibly unhappy that’s it’s time to get up but I don’t strain to find the snooze button.  However, if you do need 10 more minutes, you can just tap the light and the beeping stops but the light will remain on full sun.    It’s not cheap, costing more that $70.00.  You can also use it as just a light on your bedside too and adjust the brightness. Overall I’m satisfied with my anniversary present and new method of waking up.  There is one scary problem though, no backup.  If your power flickers in the night it flashes.  I have decided to set my iPhone to go off at the time I normally get out of the shower so that in case of a power failure I don’t sleep until 9.

Sweet dreams.

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