National Running Day


So today is National Running Day.  I know, another National Something Day.  It is also National Chocolate Macaroons Day as well as National Repeat Day.  As much as I love a good chocolate macaroon, I’m only going to celebrate our running.  I asked all the members of my household why they run.

The truth is that there is probably not just one reason.  It’s a culmination of lots of compelling reasons that will get you out the door.

I run so that I sleep like I’m in a coma at night.

I run to keep by BMI low enough to get the insurance discount.

I run to let go of anger and resentment.

I run to have more freedom in my diet.

I run to be a good role model for my kids.

I run because of Mellow Mushroom and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I run so that I can spend my summer vacations hiking up and down and all over the world seeing new places.

I run so that I can still do most of my home improvement projects myself.

I run so that I know what it is to suffer for a greater good.

What are your reasons?