Recharging and Renewing

Celebrated last year’s Fourth in Seward, Alaska.  This year, Boulder, Colorado.  As I write this, a cool breeze is blowing in before a passing storm.  I live in South Florida so escaping the mosquitoes and oppressive heat are important to me in the summer.  I love the city of Boulder.  Everyone seems to always be jogging or biking.  It has shades of a utopian society but dotted with occasional homeless to keep it real.  My husband has a quest to mountain bike every death-defying course he can find.  I have a quest for relaxation and good, un-rushed conversations around a dinner table.  We meet in the middle sometimes.  I’ll break out the Trek bike and try out some trails gripping the handle bars as though my life depends on it.  It’s funny that my vacation quest is for a lack fear or struggle.  It’s what my husband feels is the benchmark of a good vacation.

I plan on some long runs around the Boulder Creek trail.  That will be the extent of my struggle.

I hope everyone is having a nice Fourth of July and finding some relaxation however you may want it.