The Forecast

EricaThe forecast earlier this week in South Florida had us stocking up on bottles of water and for my father, cans of sardines. What can I say, everyone has their own hurricane tastes. As a native Floridian I’m no stranger to long stretches of no power and the canned goods diet.
This week was a roller coaster, first the storm would be a Cat 1 going up the east coast. Good,  out of the eye. Then it shifted right up the center of Florida with the eye going over my house. Gulp. Buy more water and batteries. Then headed over to the West coast. Back in the clear. Now it’s going to be just another rainy day in Florida. My kids are doing their best to perform rain dances in hopes of a three day weekend but it’s looking less and less like they’ll get their way.

I can’t help but feel that my mind is a weather forecaster.  I’m always trying to predict the outcomes of every detail in my life.  I could form my own meteorological society in my head.  If this, then….  If that happens, then…. If he does this then….. If, if , if….  I have made it a top goal this year to stop asking “if?”.  I seem to try to learn the outcomes of everything even though about 99% of that is beyond my control.  I have a brain that buys water at the mere mention of a tropical wave off the coast of Africa when all I really need to do is live my life until the wave develops and approaches.

In full on metaphor here I’ve decided to stop trying to forecast my life.  Thoreau said, “The day only dawns to which we are awake.”  I’m awake today, here and present.  No eminent hurricane in my future, even though I may attempt to cycle through every possible permutation I know that all that cycling can only rob me of the pleasures of today.

Be here.