This week….

Been a busy week around our household.  Mostly I continue to fight the good fight of eating healthy, staying organized and making exercise a part of my life.  Some have been better than others this week.  Would love to tell you that I haven’t been running so much because of SnowZilla 2016 but this is what it looked like on my run this week.  60 degress of magic.  No excuses here.  So nice of the local sugar cane farmers to keep such beautiful roads just for my running.  With that said, I need to get out there more often.  run photo

Met the author of the Gratitude Diaries this week, Janice Kaplan.  Everything I thought she’d be from reading her book.  If you haven’t read it, you are missing out.  If you don’t have a gratitude journal, get one.  Right. Now.  It is life changing.

janice kaplan

Not been such a good eating week.  I challenge anyone to eat well with hundreds of girl scout cookies sitting in your living room.  I’m my own best customer.  Spent some quality time last night hawking some cookies outside of a Walgreens.

girl scout cookies

And worst of all…….

blue bell

Blue Bell ice cream has returned to South Florida.  This ice cream has literally killed people and I was so elated to see it back on the shelves.  Gives me a reason to go run now.


What gets you out the door for a run?

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