The Extra Day


In case you forgot, Facebook will remind you that today if February 29th.  The extra day you only get every four years.  Each year is technically 365.25 so in order to catch up, we need that leap year to keep our calendar on track.  There have been calls in the US to make it a holiday but it many other countries it’s looked upon with negative superstition.  Whatever your feelings are on the matter, it’s an extra day.  If you’re like me, you’ll likely spend it at work as though it were a typical Monday.  I love the idea of an extra day.  I just wish I could choose to have this day when I wanted it and not dictated by the Earth’s rotation.   I would love to have it on my summer vacation or squeezed in between Saturday and Sunday to guarantee I don’t have to spend it looking at spreadsheets.  I know that I will never have this day again so I’ll appreciate the 29th the best way I can.  I plan to go have dinner with my sister tonight.  Maybe I’ll order something special and try to remember where I was last leap year.  Perhaps I should sell a leap year journal where you record what you did on every extra day you were given in your life.

For today, enjoy it.  You’ll never have this day again.



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