Hiding Under the Banner of Busy

busy banner

Hiding under the banner of busy.

Happens a lot I think.  I’m too busy to exercise, cook at home,  keep the house clean, etc.  So many should of’s hidden by the banner.  A few years ago I asked myself what I was so busy doing that I could not get the laundry folded or floors mopped.  I was filling my calendar with commitments that I thought were making us better people but realized I was just making us busy.  

Far too much time in front of a screen.  Funny how quickly time can evaporate in front of a screen.  Let me just sit down for a few minutes to watch this and then I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.  If I really looked hard, we were ALL spending too much time in front of a screen.  

What was most important?

Sitting down at night as a family to eat dinner.  

Giving the kids time to do meaningful homework.  Not turning on mini-flashlights in the car on the way home from some event. 

Having a clean and stress-free house with lunches made and dinners planned out.  

What wasn’t so important?

Volunteering to be on so many committees in my work.  

Running errands on a daily basis.  

Having kids play so many team sports that they really didn’t love.  

Anything on a screen.

What I did about it?

Asked the kids which sport was most important to them. Both agreed Cross Country was it, so we have settled on that one sport.  

I eliminated most of my extra commitments at work.  When asked about it, I just let everyone know that I’m not in the season of life where I can give that time.  Someday when the kids are out of the house, I might be able to do more.  

Made my grocery shopping a weekly event and planned out all the meals for the week.  No daily stops at the grocery store.  

Made sure that one day on the weekend was free to catch up on chores and so some intentional planning for the week ahead.  


I want to live a meaningful, not busy life.  


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