The Living Part

The Living Part.  

So we are off on another summer adventure.  We are headed to another corner of the world we haven’t seen.  Having traveled to 49 states (sorry Hawaii, another year) we are going back to Europe to see Portugal and Spain with a 5 day excursion to Morocco.  

Morocco seemed so exotic and adventurous to us until we learned that Tom Cruise will be in the same town we are staying to film the remake of The Mummy.  I loved that movie and just can’t see Tom Cruise in the role.  #TeamBrendan

Traveling gives me perspective and changes all my no’s to yes’s.  I embrace weird food, late bedtimes and slightly dangerous agendas.  A routine that would never sit well in the rest of my life.  Being away brings me back to work and schedule with a fresh eye and a new zest for printed checkboxes  on a calendar.  

For those of us on an academic calendar, it’s the end of our year.  August brings new goals and benchmarks to achieve.  For now, I’ll focus on overpacking, holding mail, passport counting, euro exchange rates and simple arabic phrases.  

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page. {Saint Augustine}


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