Planning Out Your Perfect Day – Free Printable Attached


It’s Sunday afternoon and this is where successful weeks are made.  This is where clothes are chosen, meals planned out and calendars posted on the refrigerator.  This prep work sets the intention for the week and makes sure everyone in the household knows what’s going on. Children have their last opportunity to request rides home from school, inform me about practices and meetings.  I’ve trained them well, if it’s not on the calendar Sunday night, you can’t go.  For a while , there were some heated battles and resentment about last minute changes until I simply said enough.  If it’s important enough to you, you’ll write it down and get it on the Sunday night calendar.  Poof, conflict nearly evaporated.  Only had to stand my ground once.

So the same should be true for everyone.  We can all benefit from sitting down and planning out the week.  For me, I created a daily schedule/task list.  It includes meal planning and things I’m working on for my health.  If it’s on the calendar, I will get it done.  I did reign in the task list though.  I used to have tons of spaces for tasks and realized completing that many tasks in a day was reserved for my fantasy self.  I also have a couple of spaces for focus.  These are those intentional items you must get done in order to further your goals, have a successful day at work or just keep you out of prison.

I hole punch them into my Filofax and I’m off.

Here is the FREE PRINTABLE if you’re interested in a PDF.  Here’s hoping you have a productive and intentional week.

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