My Dog Sport


This beautiful specimen is my dog sport.  He does not run or organize but he is the master at living.  He turns ten in a couple of weeks.  He is the best dog. EVER.  He is so nice and sweet.  He’s never met a person, cat, dog, horse, chicken, bird that he did not love and want to be around.  He has learned some hard lessons from his sweet nature especially from cats.  

A practice I work hard to cultivate is to live in the moment.  I read Eckhart Tolle, make stabs at meditation and remind myself that I only really have this moment.  What I probably need to do is just channel my dog.  He is without a doubt, fully present.  All he ever has is this moment and the belief that at any moment, you’ll walk to his food bowl and put food down.  

It’s heart breaking to think that he won’t live forever but then all you ever have is this moment.  Going to go make it count and take my sous chef, snuggle partner, vacuumer of floor, and current staring contest winner for a walk.  

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