About Me

cropped-me.pngI’m 39 years old and I live in South Florida with my husband, three step kids, , three chickens, a Labrador retriever and a calico cat.  My life is amazing but filled with with the same trials suffered by the masses.

Two of my step kids are teenagers  and one more about to enter it so there is eye rolling, lack of motivation and plenty of resistance.  My husband and I have forged a united front and tell ourselves that this too shall pass.

I love to run and have recently discovered the challenge of trail running.  Not very good at it living in South Florida but I’m open to new challenges.

I have a true passion for self-help, organizing and calendars.  Yes, calendars.  Is there anything better than filling out a new calendar?  I think not.

I use my blog to inspire others to live, organize, run and improve.


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