Garmin 220

Been vacillating a lot around different running apps the past couple of years.  Loved Nike when it first came out, then found their watches glitchy and would often not upload workouts.  Also, Nike watches (expensive ones) seemed to only have a lifespan of about a year before I’d have to replace it.  They were under warranty but it gets old going through that claim process to replace a watch before it’s 1-year birthday.  I moved on to the app Strava which my husband loves but found I didn’t always like running with my phone.  As much as I love a good podcast, sometimes I just want to run with my thoughts.   Additionally, if you are listening to music with Strava, it would sometimes seem to mess up.  Auto pausing in the wrong place or stop talking to you.

One of my goals this year had been to run more intentionally.  Not just eek out miles but to put on some intensity with them.  All research points to the fact that intensity is going to trump duration.  With that said, I bought a $200 watch.  Gulp.  The Garmin Forerunner 220.  That was a serious chunk of change for a running watch.  That’s a plane ticket to a lot of places.  Anyway, having had the watch for a month now I have no buyers remorse.  It’s been wonderful.  I love just looking down at any moment and seeing my pace.  I’ve started picking up that pace.  When I realize I’m lost in thought I look down and realize I’m now cruising at an 11:00 mile. Time to get going.

It also lets me program in intervals such at run 1200m then rest 400m or it can do it by time such as run hard for 3 minutes and rest 30 seconds.  It takes any distance and time variation with ease.

Another huge advantage is no uploading.  My watch pairs with my iPhone when they are near each other without me a doing a thing and all of my stats are up on Garmin Connect for further analysis or bragging on Facebook/Twitter.

$200 is a lot of money.  So are buying organic apples, my thyroid supplement, healthy lunches for my kids, etc.  These are things where your money should go.  Running and eating better will hopefully see me through a happy and healthy life.  In my opinion, the Garmin 220 has been money well spent.