Time Blocking Planner

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Recently had a lot of requests for time blocking planners. I think you can really turn any planner into time blocks but this will make it easier for you.  You must track what you want to control. If your time is just getting away from you, it is a good idea to keep each hour intentional. What must be accomplished in each hour? Are entire hours slipping away in which you’re not in control?These are some things to think about. This planner might help you get a handle on your day. You can also use it as a log to see what’s happening to your day.

Color coordinating is a good way to start analyzing your time too. Comes with 60 days worth and is printed on heavy duty paper.

Happy planning.

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Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is everywhere. I’ve added an 8.5 X 11 dot grid notebook to my shop for its devout followers.  Check it out here! 

WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer

In late December, one of my favorite bloggers mentioned she was thinking of starting something called a “bullet journal.” As someone who used to be a pretty prolific journaler but who has since gotten out of the habit, I was super intrigued. I followed her link to learn more about the concept, and my immediate reaction was, “Wait…what???”

The Worst Quote

I love quotes.  I save them to Pinterest boards, I record them in journals, and post them around my house.  I.Hate.This.One.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”


It’s credited to Walt Disney but it’s a load of bull.  Dreaming and achieving and two very different things.  I don’t think Steve Jobs just dreamed of a Mac or that Walt Disney dreamed of domination the entire city of Orlando.  

They are doers.

It’s in the doing that dreams are made.  I’ve dreamed of many things in my life.  I spent a good part of my youth dreaming about a lot of things that never came true. I was not the next Debbie Gibson no matter how many times I sang her songs in the mirror.   Thank goodness for that.  It was in the doing/living/working in my life that I found my dreams, or at least the ones that did not involve me married to the boy in my history class and a multi-billionaire.  

This same train of thought was the premise of Shonda Rhimes’ Dartmouth Commencement Address.  If you haven’t read it. Go do it. Here.  It’s one of the best.  

I love planners and calendars.  I wondered how I could make this part of my work.  I sat down to create a shop on Etsy, a self-help website and have begun to build my calendar empire.  I’m not giving Franklin Covey a run for their money yet but I’ll keep doing.  I never know where the path will take me or what opportunity will present itself.  It will present itself in the doing.  It’s in the doing that you find your dreams.  

A lot of people want to be writers.  A lot of people.  But you have to write to be a writer.  A lot.  A lot of bad stuff and some good but you have to be a doer.  Whatever you want to be, you have to be.  Be busy doing that thing.  

So here is the new quote,

“If you can practice doing it every day, then you can achieve it.”

Rachel Lutz