Breaking Free From Negativity

So the dog barfed on the rug, a kid let you know as you’re on your way out the door that they need $20 today for a field trip (of course you have 35 cents in your wallet), then there is the mystery oil puddle under your car that you know is going to be big money.  It’s the definite beginnings of negative mind and it may not take a lot to find yourself mired down into the depths of despair.  Before you know it you’re raging at world, or if you’re like me,seething in anger and silence.  It always seems so easy to fall into the pit and a monumental effort to claw your way out of there.  Over the years I’ve developed some ways to put the ladder down into the pit of despair.  Maybe they can work for you too.

  1.  Do something.  Once you’re in that negative mindset it’s time to stop thinking.  Do something.  Anything.  Distract that anger.  Stop replaying upsetting events or conversations over and over in your mind. One of the best ways to do that is to distract yourself.  Watch a funny TV show, read a book, go for a run, call a friend.  This is not the time for self-reflection mode.
  2. Stay off of Facebook.  News flash:  Facebook is not the real-world.  It’s just a fictitious society much like Farmville.  Those people on there aren’t that happy, their life is not that good and they have serious problems like everyone else.  Facebook is just where we put the version of ourselves we want to be.
  3. State the facts.  So what are the facts of the situation minus any emotion.  Yes, the dog barfed.  Paper towels and some spray will fix it.  My dog loves me. He’s normally a great dog.  Yes, there is oil on the driveway but it may be nothing major.  Either way the next stop is to schedule an appointment with my mechanic.  My child needs $20 now.  They should have told me sooner.  So, the answer is no.  You will have to miss this field trip because you didn’t plan better.  The best way to teach a lesson is to let kids live with the consequences of their actions.
  4. Take some time to write down some gratitude statements.  What has been good about today or yesterday.  Dig deep if you have to but remember, you have your health.  That is a big thing to be grateful for.
  5. Wine.  Nothing more to say about that.

How do you pull yourself out of the pit of negativity?