How to Organize Your Desktop

Is this your desktop?

too_many_icons_on_desktop_by_456knI think if it is, you’re not alone.  Lots of people, including myself use their desktop as storage.  It’s quick and easy to access but after awhile, looking for a file becomes an eye test. Yes, I use Google Drive and Evernote and even have a Terabyte of external storage but it is just so easy to dump that file quickly on the desktop.  I believe that if your inclination is to put things on your desktop just implement a better system.  Sometimes the system fails and not you.  Yes, you should file everything into your digital brain such as Evernote, but that’s just not always the most efficient way.

One of the best things to do is to organize your desktop into quadrants or columns or rows.  You can create the template in Word using tables.  I then shade the columns different colors to create categories.  I labeled my columns using Preview on Mac but you can do it in word by adding a text box.  I save my work and then set it as my desktop background and wah lah!

desktop background


Start dragging those icons and files into the appropriate place.


It’s pretty simple to keep my work filed in the right location.  When I have time, I often start filing my most recent work into my Google Drive.   It has kept me from the sea of files littered all over my desktop.  If you’d like a free jpeg image of the columns unlabeled, just shoot me an email at Live.Organize.Run.Improve and I’ll send one to you for free.

Happy Organizing!