This Week

this week

Been a busy week around our household.  The main event is that our middle child is turning 16.  Life is moving at warp speed.  Barely slowed down enough for me to write the enormous check to our auto insurance agent to add her to our cars.  I’m paying a lot of money to be scared.

The weather in South Florida has been beautiful.  The scorching sun has stayed at bay with a 70-degree reprieve.  Made my Wednesday night track workout so much more bearable.  I’m in  a track group that is so far advanced.  When I say I’ve never qualified for Boston, I know they gasp inside but put on a brave face and ask what other races I’ll do.  Have a two weekends of 5K’s we’re doing with the kids but have my eye on a fall trail marathon.  Starting to really love trail races.  Need a goal on the calendar.  These are the hot months when my mojo for running melts.  Will cling the best I can.