Awful People

Awful People

Photo by Dikaseva on Unsplash

There are a lot of people in the world and not all of them are decent. I’m not talking about the mass shooters or the serial killers either. Of course, they’re not decent either. I’m talking about the negative, passive-aggressive, gossipy, two-faced everyday people we come across in our lives.  They can even be “friends” and relatives.

As I’ve grown older my circle shrinks. There are less people whose values align with me. That doesn’t mean I cut people off if they are different politically or decide to go Vegan. Opposing ideas are good to keep around. Not so good are those people’s whose values just don’t align. Those people that have two personas. Those people that seem to have a hidden agenda. The inauthentic.

We can’t hide from them or exclude them from every aspect of our lives but we can limit our contact. It’s really really hard to let go of longtime friends or limit family relations but you’ll know it’s time when you dread seeing the number on your cell or the feeling that every encounter is something you must survive.

I know that can be every Thanksgiving for a lot of people but life is just too short to merely survive instances and holidays.

Here are some ideas I’ve developed for getting out of awful relationships:

  1. Lay out the rules. Often telling the person straightens them up. “If you speak badly about my spouse when we are around, I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend these functions anymore.” You’d be amazed how many rude or gossipy people simply continue because nobody ever calls them on it.
  2. Limit your contact with them. People get the hint when you stop returning calls or politely decline invitations. Your time and attention is your most precious commodity. Sometimes people behave better when you limit how much of the commodity you’re willing to give.
  3. Just let them go. This is the hardest one. Sometimes you just have to walk away. Declare emotional bankruptcy. Delete and block the contact. Go live your life.

There is a saying attributed to Helen Keller that says, “Look toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”

Go find your tribe in the sun.  You may have to take a long walk and reach, but you will find them.

Time Blocking Planner

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Recently had a lot of requests for time blocking planners. I think you can really turn any planner into time blocks but this will make it easier for you.  You must track what you want to control. If your time is just getting away from you, it is a good idea to keep each hour intentional. What must be accomplished in each hour? Are entire hours slipping away in which you’re not in control?These are some things to think about. This planner might help you get a handle on your day. You can also use it as a log to see what’s happening to your day.

Color coordinating is a good way to start analyzing your time too. Comes with 60 days worth and is printed on heavy duty paper.

Happy planning.

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Chalkboard Wall Project


For many years I had a glass shower panel in my dining room that I used to keep a household calendar on.

This week, I sacrificed the whole wall to chalkboard paint.  I wanted the freedom to change it and to really focus on one week at a time. With our schedule, the whole month was just lost in a sea of appointments. The thing about chalkboard paint is that if you really want it to be functional and erase well, you have to put on lots of smooth coats.

You can see how one coat won’t even cover the previous paint at all.

A few coats later you are in business.

One of the secrets to getting your paint to erase well is to spread chalk dust all over the board, wipe off and then start writing. Seems to be working great. I like its impermanence and the chance to change it as inspiration strikes me.

Earth Day 12K

Earth Day 12K, Clermont Florida

earth day

What a beautiful day in Florida for a 12K. Well, at least I said that for the first 6 miles. Then it got hot.  Then I stopped noticing the beautiful scenery and looked for the nearest water station.  

I found this race near Lake Louisa State Park where we decided to do some camping.  The race circumnavigated Lake Minneola in downtown Clermont.  Clermont is known for races, especially triathlons.  In fact during this weekend of the 12k they had a 5K, a triathlon and a half marathon.  Fit folks in Clermont.

lake louisa


The race was relatively small but well-supported.  Great shirts and medals along with plants awarded to first, second and third place in every age division.  Earth Day afterall.  

After the HOT race we drove to Alexander Springs.  Central Florida is filled with natural springs and this one did not disappoint.  Some cool swimming and then back to our campground.  



It was a nice weekend.  A great race.  Quiet time with the family.  All boxes were checked this weekend on things I’d like to accomplish.


Today and Tomorrow


Tomorrow would be a great day to start getting up earlier and enacting a morning routine that sets me up on a successful path.

Tomorrow would be a great day to start exercising and eating more healthfully.

Tomorrow would be a great day to start putting things away as I use them and being more mindful when I create clutter.

Tomorrow would be a great day to start spending less time in front of a screen and more time outside.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.  What an amazing place tomorrow is.

Today would be a great day to go grocery shopping and buy a week’s worth of healthy food to cook at home.  

Today would be a great day to lay out my clothes and make my healthy lunch for the next day.

Today would be a great day to sit down with my planner and fill in the exact time I’ll exercise tomorrow.

Today would be a great day to layout my workout clothes and be ready for exercise.

Today would be a great day to wash, dry, and fold one load of laundry.

Today would be a great day to clear off the dining room table and eat with my family away from a screen.

Today is where your tomorrow is born.