Recharge and Renew


So for most of the world, January 1 begins a new year.  Not so much for teachers and parents. We know that summer is that transition time from old to new.  It’s our recharge and resolution time.  My family is getting ready for another summer adventure.  A few years ago we spent about three days in Glacier National Park.  Without a doubt, it’s the most beautiful of all the National Parks.  I knew then we’d return and so we are headed back for a week with our pop-up camper in tow.  A few stops along the way – New Orleans, Austin, Philmont Boy Scout Camp, New Mexico (Have to pick-up my 16-year old stepson), and Moab, Utah.  I long for the cool breezes of Glacier National Park and the reprieve from an over scheduled life.  I plan to recharge and think about my goals for 2013-2014.  When you’re quiet and still you get time to contemplate questions greater than, “Where can I fit Kolby’s orthodontist appointment in?”  or “How can I make the dog stop trying to groom the chickens?”  Mainly it’s a time to be present in the moment and not worry about parenting kids but enjoying time with them.  I’m giving some serious thought to training to run another marathon, a huge leap from halfmarathons.  More precisely, a leap times two.  I’ve done it before but I was a younger and single version of myself with a lot of free time.  A real challenge would be to do it now.  Get that book I’ve been working on forever finally written.  Not sure yet but hope to figure all that out while I’m looking across Grinnell Lake or gazing at the shaggy mountain goats.

What are your plans for the summer?  Anyone else make academic year goals?