Tuesday’s Inpiration


I love this but know that if I did this all the time, there’d be a national Oreo shortage and I’d be unable to hold a job for all the reading I would do.  Doing what you love often has to be mingled in with things like sorting the recycling.  I often remind myself if work isn’t great that it does enable me to  have vacations in Alaska and a roof over my head.  Don’t care much for sorting recycling but I can be thankful that I live in a country where recycling is a priority.  I should be appreciative that I have first world problems like recycling and that I’m not worried about how I’ll feed myself.  Whenever you are doing something that you don’t love, try to think of a reason why you should be thankful that you get to do it.

Taxes = I make enough money that the government wants a part of it.

Scolding a teenager = I do this so that they will grow up to be responsible  and well-educated adults.

Folding Laundry = I like the outcome of clean and organized clothing.

Exercising = I’ll enjoy that guilt-free cake later.

You get the idea.  Something you dread often has a purpose in aiding something you love later.


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