Book Review – 10% Happier by Dan Harris



When I purchased the book I did not make the connection about who Dan Harris was.  He is an ABC News Correspondent and anchors Nightline.  I picked it up Audible as it was “recommended” to me.  I have to say I have really enjoyed the book.  He is an excellent skeptic.  I love self-help but I often feel like Echart Tolle and Deepok Chopra over deliver and reach a little too far in their message.  It it really possible to live 100% in the moment? I Who would ever save any money for retirement?

I know their message is a bit more than that but in this book Dan Harris takes us through his struggles with his “Monkey Mind.”  The self-doubting a*&hole of a brain that perpetually puts us down and makes us doubt every decision and worry incessantly about things beyond our control.  He dives into the self-help realm with an open and skeptical mind and eventually find his way into meditation.

I really related to him and found myself jogging along with my headphones and laughing out loud.  It’s been one of the most well-written books I’ve listened to this year.  Definitely worth a read/listen.


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