Loving & Hating Running


Been a busy week in our household.  We now have two kids in high school and both started their Cross Country season.  Much like myself there is a love hate relationship with running.  Love the benefits but hate the hours that have to be put in to get them.  They love the affirmation from teammates as they cross the finish line but it’s the running alone without any affirmation that is hard.  I remember back in the 90’s I watched the tape {yes tape, not DVD} of Oprah’s video Make the Connection.  She talked about her training for a marathon and that one run she was headed out with Bob Greene and just broke down.  She cried out, “When does this get easier?”  I have been there.  I didn’t quite understand it then as I had not started running but I envisioned that after years running you would happily lace up your shoes and bound out the front door.  I have never bounded out the front door.  I have never looked forward to a run.  I have always had terrible nerves before any race.  I’m paranoid about chaffing and intestinal issues.  I have a million reasons daily NOT to run yet I run.  I run when I’m too busy, I run when I’m too tired, I run when it’s too hot outside, I run when my stomach is uncertain.  I run.  There will never be a perfect day or time to run.  I’m not on a team and there will never be any cheers at a finish line other than by my husband who has beat me to it.  I have decided that it will never get easier but the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how I feel about it.  Just go do it because truthfully, there is no feeling like completing a run.  Now that is an amazing feeling.

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