Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

IMG_4502I was mainly intrigued by this book because it kept showing up on Amazon under best-selling lists.  I love books about organizing but was unsure of what the Japanese art of it would be.  It’s a small book with very concise directions.  I related to Marie Kondo as her organizing/cleaning passion manifested itself at an early age as it did with me.  When I was around 6, I would only sleep on top of my bed so that I would not mess up the covers.  A little neurotic I know but in later life I backed off that and found other organizing shortcuts.  Her main focus is on living with less stuff.  She is definitely more of a purger than an organizer.  There are a couple of quirky and weird things mentioned in the book such as ways to talk to your stuff after you put it away or how she thinks you should completely empty out your purse every night and put everything away.  Nah.  However, overall it was a good quick read.  I gleaned a few good ideas and it’s inspired me to look at my office at work lately and purge some duplicates.  She wants her readers to ask if the item brings you joy.  If it doesn’t, throw it out.  I get what she’s driving at, keep only what you love but the reality is that my tweezers don’t bring me joy but they are a necessity.  I do agree that we are becoming a society of storing stuff in pretty boxes or storage units so that we can make room for more stuff.  I’m making room for room’s sake.  For a peaceful place that I don’t have to work so hard on to keep it clean.  Keeping things out and in use so that I know what I have.  I don’t keep clothes anymore that I don’t love.  I stopped keeping clothes that I might fit into one day and decide I will reward myself with new clothes when I do fit into that size.  I don’t keep manuals or boxes to anything anymore.  That’s what the internet is for.  I donate books after I read them and scan recipes my family likes into Evernote and donate the hardcopy of the book.  Cutting clutter is life-changing.  That I knew before I read the book.


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