Google Calendar App has Arrived

goo cal

For someone who makes calendars you may be surprised to learn that I do keep an electronic calendar.  Through my day job, Google Calendar has been a must.  However, it was lacking in an app for my iPhone.  I generally printed a copy of my calendar to keep in my planner and used the app GoTasks to track my daily tasks.  That was until I found the app Calendars 5 by Readdle.  I loved how this app allowed me to see tasks along with my schedule.

This past week, Google finally put out a Google Calendar stand-alone app.  Although it is good, with some cute features, I was really disappointed to see that you could not view tasks with it.  How can a to do list not go along with your schedule?


I like that it will put in graphics based on what your key words are.  For example, if we have a dental appointment, it will add a toothbrush to the calendar.  If you’ve put in an address for an appointment, it adds a small map.


The superficiality of it is good but not the practical.  For now, if you want a good ios calendar, you’ll need to pay for the Calendars 5 or buy a good paper one from my Etsy shop.


Vertical Folding



IMG_4526I recently finished the book by Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  In her book she advocated vertical stacking of all clothes.  Meaning not to lay your folded clothes on top of one another but vertically so you can see everything.  Wasn’t sure if this would work for me, but I spent some time this past weekend taking my drawers and shelves in my closet and lining up my clothes vertically.  I have to say, it looked good and really made you see everything you had.  It did not take up more space but rather gave me more room.

IMG_4525I used bookends to tighten everything up and create division.  I set to work on my dresser next.

IMG_4524Everything lined up neatly and when you open the drawer, you see everything inside.  Really impressed with new/old organization tool.  I’ll see how maintaining it goes and if the system stays in place.  I’m a big fan of function.  Sometimes organization can look pretty, but doesn’t work.  Stacking boxes come to mind.  They are nice to look at but so impractical.

Spring break is approaching and my next project is to organize my girls’ room.  We were recently looking at old photos and my youngest pointed out her bedroom in the background.  She was amazed at how neat and organized the room was.  I told her that when she was little, I used to clean her room for her.  I could tell she was wishing that were still so.  She’s off to Disney World with a friend for a couple of days and I plan to surprise her with a completely re-organized room.  She’s in middle school now so not sure how long it will last.

Happy organizing.




Google Keep – To Do Lists

Google KeepI love a good minimalist to do list and lately have been using Google Keep.  The best way to describe it is a sticky note board.  It gives you the ability to check off completed tasks and re-order them.  Works much like Google Tasks but not integrated into your calendar.  You can assign reminders and even share them with others.  I love the simplicity. It is only for Android and web-based, no  iOS but  you can always add a shortcut to your iPhone from the webpage.  I do wish it had a nice printing feature as I’m firmly rooted in a paper-based world.  I believe strongly that looking at a week or to do list on paper is the fastest and easiest way to be more productive.  I use Google Keep as a dumping ground for all my thoughts as they come along and then I schedule my day out into my planner pulling items down from Google Keep into the appropriate day.  Right now I’m using this template I created below.  You can purchase paper-based to do lists and calendars from my shop on Etsy.

Half size daily to do_Page_1All in all a good tool and I recommend trying it out.