Google Keep – To Do Lists

Google KeepI love a good minimalist to do list and lately have been using Google Keep.  The best way to describe it is a sticky note board.  It gives you the ability to check off completed tasks and re-order them.  Works much like Google Tasks but not integrated into your calendar.  You can assign reminders and even share them with others.  I love the simplicity. It is only for Android and web-based, no  iOS but  you can always add a shortcut to your iPhone from the webpage.  I do wish it had a nice printing feature as I’m firmly rooted in a paper-based world.  I believe strongly that looking at a week or to do list on paper is the fastest and easiest way to be more productive.  I use Google Keep as a dumping ground for all my thoughts as they come along and then I schedule my day out into my planner pulling items down from Google Keep into the appropriate day.  Right now I’m using this template I created below.  You can purchase paper-based to do lists and calendars from my shop on Etsy.

Half size daily to do_Page_1All in all a good tool and I recommend trying it out.

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