So I’m a runner.  A relatively consistent runner but not much else.  I once joined a gym and found I just hated driving some place other than by front yard to exercise.  As if exercising wasn’t hard enough.  So there went money, good intentions and strength training out the window.  I’ve taken some other stabs at varying my exercise.  I own a core ball and a DVD, I own weights but just haven’t found my mojo.  Now, I’m forty years old and my back is starting to become unhappy with my singleton view of exercise.  I’ve been fortunate as a runner to never really have been injured but I have spent two days on a heating pad after reaching for my hair dryer.  After that very painful episode I have deiced to get serious about some cross training.

I purchased a set of 20 classes at a local yoga studio.  I love studios rather than a community school class as I can choose my own schedule and if something comes up on a particular night I can go another night.  No excuses.

I’m a planner.  A check one off the to do list kind of girl.  So at the start of the week I plan out my meals, my running and my day at yoga.  I’m two classes in now and no, I don’t love it.  I feel good about having done it.  I feel foolish and outside of my comfort zone multiple times during class but that lets me know I’m doing it right.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  I sweat like I’m in Bikram Yoga even when it’s air conditioned.

I encourage everyone to do something out of your comfort zone for the betterment of your health.  You may not like doing it, but on the other side you’ll be so proud of yourself for having done.



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